Sample Bag | One 12 Inch Balloon In All Colours

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Sample pack includes one 12 inch balloon in each colour.

The Stylex Balloons Sample Bag is the must-have bag ultimate tool for balloon professionals. 

Featuring one 12-inch latex balloon in every shade that Stylex Balloons stocks, this bag allows you to explore an array of captivating colors and find the perfect shade for every event.

No longer will you have to rely on guesswork when selecting balloons for your special events or parties. With the Stylex Balloons Sample Bag, you can inflate and visually compare each color to ensure a perfect match. 

The Sample Bag also allows you the opportunity to experiment with custom double stuffed colors. Not only does the Sample Bag provide an extensive color palette to choose from, but it also showcases the impeccable quality that Stylex Balloons is renowned for. 

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